Try Me Out!  No-Commitment Session Plans:  Single consulting sessions can be in-person or over the phone, but do not include the benefits of a program (personalized coaching, follow up information, free samples of healthy items, recipes, or a binder filled with informational handouts).

Health Food Store Tour: Beginning to shop at a health food store can be overwhelming and confusing with all the "exotic" products.  I will help you learn about new products (food, condiments, home and body care) and be able to decipher which ones you will find useful, as well as which ones are just as good as those in conventional stores. $65

Pantry Detox: I will come to your house and help you determine what in your cabinets is nourishing you and what is best left on the shelf at the store.$75

Quick, Tasty, and Healthy Food Preparation Instruction: Making a meal that nourishes your body is not time consuming or labor intensive!  Learn about new ingredients and cooking techniques that are as easy and delicious as they are nutritious. Inquire for pricing.

I also offer interactive workshops on all kinds of topics relating to health!  Contact me if you would like to hold a workshop in your workplace, gym, yoga studio, spa, or business.

Now is the time to make your health your top priority!  Your body will be with you your whole life; learn how to nourish it so it will support you in the years to come!