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Is this your life?

  • Insatiable sweet or chocolate cravings
  • Cravings for things that quickly turn into sugars like bread or alcohol
  • Energy slumps in the afternoon
  • Cravings for caffeine to get you going
  • Unwanted body fat that won't go away (even if you are already eating healthy)
  • Fuzzy thinking
  • Not feeling refreshed upon waking
  • Experience what could be called "Hangry"
  • Skin and nail issues (like dandruff, athlete's foot, vaginal yeast infections, fungal toenails, ringworm, jock itch, eczema, rashes, psoriasis, etc.)

You may know many people in your situation and assume this is the normal way to feel as we age.  This is just not so!

Relating to these issues suggests that you are suffering from blood sugar imbalances.  What's so scary about that?  What's scary is that these symptoms are hinting that insulin resistance, or worse yet, diabetes could be in your future.  Yikes!

A detoxification program is the answer to your freedom from cravings and the vehicle to rebalance your blood sugar. 

I created a results oriented program for you!  It is called 'Kick the Cravings', and it's a simple yet effective detox plan that allows you the flexibility to control the duration and intensity.

You will notice numerous benefits during and after detoxing.  Common are:

  • Your body hits the "reset" button to get your blood sugar back in balance
  • Improved digestive functioning, including less bloating and more regular bowel movements
  • Better sleep and waking up refreshed
  • Clearer thinking
  • Fewer cravings
  • Improved mood related issues and decreased PMS
  • Greater and sustained energy
  • Fat loss

Doing a detox is one of the most profoundly kind and beneficial things you can do for yourself and your body.  I find it odd that a person regularly cares for their cars with routine, preventable maintenance (oil changes, brakes, tire rotation, filter changes, and fluid flushes, etc), but fail to put that much time and care into their own body, the ONLY thing they will have their entire life!

What is included in your program:

  • 'Kick the Cravings' detox guide with simple step-by-step instructions
  • Everything you could ever care (or not care) to know about sugar and sweeteners
  • Recipes and meal ideas
  • Quick, easy, and satisfying snack ideas
  • Tips for eating out
  • Supplement and herb guide to help manage sweet cravings
  • Access to the private 'Kick the Cravings' Facebook page
  • Top tips for a successful detox
  • Daily motivational emails 
  • You will learn about new foods, as well as become more in tune with how foods affect your mood and physiology
  • Most importantly, you will receive full support throughout the program, private Q&A time and a strategy session with me!

All of the program materials will be emailed to you after registration.

Join now! It is always the perfect time to Spring clean and streamline your efforts to create a beach ready body with more energy and a clean slate.

This program is valued at $105.  It is my mission to help people live healthy and happy lives, and I believe in the increased success when you have the support of your friends.  So to further sweeten the deal I am offering a special scholarship if you sign up with a friend: only $85 per person.

Remember, all the materials are yours to keep, reference, and reuse forever.  I highly encourage you to make this investment in yourself.  You deserve to feel fabulous! 

To get started, simply click below! If you have any questions about this or any other of my programs, contact me now!

Kick the Cravings Sugar Detox